Saturday, August 22, 2009

Plains conservation center

Everything in our power to keep Claire from grabbing the chickens..;o)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

sprinkler fun

she definately alternated between rushing straight into the water...and hiding behind the vegetation...;o)

update-18 months old!

So Claire finally broke my camera, so sorry no new pictures today but I'll get a new one asap-can't miss a minute! Claire has adjusted well to day care, this week at drop off she'd run to her room, go kiss her teacher and wave goodbye! Its a bit bittersweet realizing that this is the start of her developing new relationships all on her own with people we hardly know-eek! But she seems to be charming all and having fun, talking a lot and still growing like a weed. She is super social and playful, constantly exploring and investigating. Yet again we are astounded at the complexity of a 1 and 1 half year old! Shes also a pretty smooth operator and knows how to make everyone just fall in love with her-daily we watch her work her charms-huge smiles, runs towards people and gives hugs and kisses (while making "Ahhhhh" noises), grabbing hands and grinning mischieviously. Impossible to resist! Although I may be a bit biased...come see for yourselves! xoxo