Saturday, October 31, 2009

Claire Bear first halloween!

Claire got the idea right away-although she doesn't really know what candy is she definately was cool with people putting stuff into her pumpkin. She ran right up to knowck on doors and reach into candy bins!

At home she couldn't decide where to keep her stash of new "stuff" and spent a long time moving it from place to place. It spent some time in one of my boots....all in all a great first halloween! Damian slept at home with Grandma and waited for treat or treaters!

October 09: 2 weeks & 20 months

Thursday, October 15, 2009

1st week of bigger and better DeLaup family!

I can't figure out why this is backwards but we'll manage!

Three days old and swimming in his newborn clothes! About 6 lbs...

Sleeping angel, he is SO CALM! Very different from Miss Claire who refused to sleep for about the first 4 months!

Claires first look-she has been so gentle and brings him things all the time-pacifiers, books, a stuffed lamb. She loves her baby brother although we do have to be careful, she stills wants to rough and tumble all over everyone, baby or not!

Bath not overly enjoyed...its cold Dad!

Waiting patiently while watching Sesame Street!

Gentle touching-she shows everyone how they need to touch her baby brother!

Daddy is mezmerized..;o)

Recovery nicely, he's SO tiny!

Fresh outta the oven, you can see his swollen umbilical cord.

Smaller than his sister! Whew from Mommy!

Monday, October 12, 2009

love love love!!!!

Damian Christophers Arrival!

We've felt all along that the baby would come early, and he did! Sunday Octover 11th at 4:30 am I woke up feeling ( not a surprize) like I had to use the bathroom. Strangely I had to go again in about 10 minutes... I laid awake amd noticed the pressure was starting to repeat every 8 minutes or so. I laid there about an hour, not sure if I was really feeling contractions or not, sinc;e Claire was innduced I skipped this part last time!
At 5 :30 I decided it was time to wake Darren, and somehow my clairvoyent little angel must have known because Claire woke that same instant and was demanding someone come get her. I collected the monkey, brought her back to our room and told daddy he needed to get up and help me time contractions! By 6:30 I was still paranoid about false labor, but figured I'd call grandma and grandpa to give them the heads up.
Labor with a saran wrap 20 month year old is something else! Claire was doing all in her rather mighty power to climb all over me, while Darren valiently tried to keep her occupied, although for some reason he started to vaccuum! ;o) At one point when I bent over in a contraction with Claire hanging off my leg, she very happily repeated the "s" word about 5 times!! EEK!
By 8 I called grandma and must have been somewhat coherant, because they made it over to our house to take over Claire duty. Darren freaked me out driving 80+ mph to the hospital, we made it in less than 20 minutes and through 4 painful contractions.
9:30 I was admitted and I was already 9 cm dialated!!!! Thank goodness we made it! At this point I cried for the epidural man....The dr came and they decided to try and get the baby to wait a bit, as I needed antibiotics and they wanted them in my system-ideally for 4 hours but that wasn't going to happen. At 12 they had me start to push, and in only 4 contractions he was here! In fact, when I laughed at one point, they said that had pushed him farther out! He was definately ready to go and that was the easiest labor I could have imagined.
He was bright blue when he came out, which is common here at altitude, and had the same full head and black hair as Claire. I had a cyst on my umbilical cord they had been following during the pregnancy, and when he arrived we saw the cyst had caused the cord to swell with water, so they didn't cut the cord off him right away, but the ped later checked and it was fine. He never cried! IN fact, he is now 20 hours old and he hasn't cried yet! He's is very mellow and easy going so far, tired from his long 10 months of development! Different from Claire who came out kicking and screaming! And he finally had a name by 10:30 pm...
hope you enjoyed hearing his story! Love to All!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lots going on here, but no baby yet! We did go to Darrens first competition of the season, they looked great and came in 7th overall. Claire has been busy checking out all the baby stuff as well as constantly trying new things. (we play with pee pee on the potty ;o) Then a visit to the White Fence Farm restaurant for Grandmas birthday, where Claire LOVED the ANIMALS! And during all we are hoping to have the house clean for baby..;o)