Sunday, July 17, 2011

Too much going on to blog! Fun Summer!

my love bugs Never a dull moment-Claires "hat"

I AM over the everything in my mouth phase...really..just thought I'd give this a little taste

Getting the tough ones in the back. While in the box. Sounds a little Dr Seuss ish..

Blowing bubbles with buddy Zack

4th of July-no way was I gonna get a cute one with both of them looking...

but I promise they were adorable. Until Claire started puking. No fireworks tonite... Serious artist at work. We still have the chicken on a stick.

cool iguana in Cozumel. Out of order.

figured you needed a kid break. Checking out the mighty mississippi on the ferry from algiers point

Claire and Dad strolling in the French Quarter Darren about to snorkel in Cozumel

Dress up night-he looks good in a tux!

Maw Maw, Maggie, Claire and cheese

Damian taking off with the gorilla

Love with Pop

Water play is supposed to be fun...guess they had to warm up to it a bit!

You didn't say I'd actually get WET-AHHHHHHHH

Claire enjoyed cooling off a bit!

The backyard is again our playground, we really love our house! Big trip to New Orleans! Claire and Damian took care of MawMaw and Pop with some help from Aunt Renee while mommy and daddy took a cruise! We thought we'd just die away from the kids but we, um, didn't. A great time was had by all! Then back to CO for all the fun summertime events. Art festivals, kid festivals, 4th with the neighbors and so much more!