Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch et all

love my motorcycle! when I can get a turn on it!
end of a long day...
fearless Oh-I saw the last guy go head first so...

the perfect pumpkin Here's another one!
Had a blast with grandma and grandpa at the pumpkin patch! Claire made sure they both had plenty of pumpkins to carry while Darren and Damian found the perfect one. Damian had his 1 year dr appt-perfect of course! 22 1/4 lbs and 29.5" long now at 50% weight and height. Claire is all about going to the doctors now-her lips hurt last night so she needed Dr Kara to make her feel better...;o)

Best conversation of the week....
"mommy, you left your shoes in my room. Thats NOT fair and NOT nice. " when I laughed... " and its NOT funny. We need to go to your room and talk about this..." ( did my shoes stink???)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Damian!

New Mickey Mouse pajamas! Did any of it actually get eaten?
Yummy chocolate cupcake
Mr handsome and some new toys!
Daddy's helping-D didn't quite get the idea of opening presents
proudest & luckiest mommy anywhere!
Happy birthday baby brother! Right before she made him cry..
Surprize visit from great aunt Gayle!!! Fun!
We love you so much!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

current silliness...

Ming ming in the house! Yummy! Helping make banana bread.
lounging again, go figure
This is what we do to solicitors that come to the door...sic em!
Another good position for drinking.
why do we buy so many toys?? Yes, Claire is also in the box
Another reader on our hands!

Adorable garage sale chairs! I want one in my size!

angel eyed boy!
its killing me I can't get videos on here anymore...Claire is the super musician and Damian is the cruising/lounging king!