Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feb fun & Claires trip to the mountains

Hanging with her new friends and talking about beaver!
Posing with her new friend Zoey! She is ready to go visit her fact she asked to go see her the next day...;o) xoxo Holly and Zoe!

Rocking out-Damian is getting so grown up!!

Little love bugs-I love it when they are getting along!

At least Damian tolerates it...;o)
I'm cool.
Damian is learning how to pedal and Claire has her new scooter!
Had a super great visit wiht friends Holly and Zoey in Avon! Claire loved her mountain trip!!!! As did Mommy!
A little offroading to get to a great little nature center outside Eagle
Claire enjoys seeing the pelts up close and always has lots of questions!
Hanging with the cougar pelt...;o( so sad
Aren't I cute?
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mystery Guest!

preparing for our mystery guest!

Its Aunt Anne! We had no idea that she was coming, we were so excited! We hadn't seen her since Claires 3rd birthday party! Games commenced...

Games and fun! Who cheated the most....?

Some great snuggle time.
We even had some fresh snow for her.
Catch him quick!
You know, this thumb isn't tasting too great right now, why don't you suck on it for me? Thanks Grandma!
Fun times at the musuem of nature and science
And of course lots of dancing!
And watching sister dance. with drumsticks.
Silly faces kept all entertained.
We had a too short but very fun visit with Grandma and Aunt Anne!
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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Claire (and Ellas) 4th Birthday Party!!

We had a co-birthday party with good friend Ella at Little Monkey Business, all of Claires good friends plus were there. It was a great time, and they pkayed HARD...

Damian found the ladies.

I know I saw them get up this way.....??

Two wiped out gals!

My sweetest birthday girl, I can't believe she is four years old already! Four years and our lives have been enriched so unbelievably. I love you Claire!!!


So tired she can hardly sit up straight!


Very special cupcake she decorated all by herself.

I can clearly get this all in my mouth at one time...the cupcake king they call me.


Awesome siblings...


new toy!

round and round and round and round they go.....

Wish you all could have been here to share in our great day!!! Happy Birthday Claire Bear!

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