Saturday, June 11, 2011

summertime fun is beginning NOW!

no good pic of her holding her fish..apparently it was slimy.

strong like his daddy! Making crunchy fish and berry soup for our tea party.. Duh.

Ok-everyone else is clapping so I'll go with it! Why isn't everyone dancing Grandma?

This time making blueberry and cherry soup. Tea time is a critical time to be inventive in your offerings.

Artist hard at work

SO serious..potty training book ..i have to think about this a bit...
Such a fun week-went and heard some music with Grandma and Grandpa-some dancing to be had, and a convenient sand filled bucket was nearby for Damian to empty (and throw into some poor guys drink...). Then National Get Outdoors Day-so many fun actvities for kids! We took a kayak out on Ferril Lake in City park and Claire went fishing and caught a 10 in rainbow trout! We were going to release but it didn't make Dad cooked it and Claire said Goldfish was delicious-whew! And of course lots of outdoor time.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

more fun times

playing around the downtown art fair. Claire understood quickly that people sitting in the booths were he artists and she had to go compliment each one "you painted this? You used very pretty colors and did a good job..." wow-big kids are cool

OK-so my three year old can use the mouse, change the game, print out picture...eek! nice job for a 19 mos old!

Claire loves helping in the yard long will this last I wonder?
um, hey, a weed. Huh. A princess doesn't really need a weed, but thanks...
Not the fun idea mom thought it would be.

thank you family and friends who check our blog and give me a justification for all the pictures I take of my kiddos..;o*