Tuesday, December 21, 2010

beginning to seem a lot like christmas!

the tan and red park with the monkey girl
explorer the lower levels showing Dawn how to "dance like a princess-hold your dress out LIKE THIS!"
Making tasty snacks in the new kitchen! Waffles with orange cream sauce and chocolate tea were big hits!
Cooking too! Or tossing food around...same dif
Damians new train
Claire new princesses
Introducing the Fairy Grandpa!
Getting Grandpa ready
First xmas was amazing with Grandma and Grandpa coming back for a surprize visit from Vegas-Claire was REALLY into it this year and could hardly go to sleep! Damian did not want to open presents, he much preferred we take care of the messy work and give
him the final toy, ready to go. ;o) And of course, Damian played most with Claires princess figures while Claire went nuts over Damians choo choo train! We are into trying out new parks-we have about 6 playgrounds within walking distance which is nice in this super mild winter we've got! We can't wait for xmas II in New Orleans!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

the start of xmas

helping decorate the tree ;o) Claire instructed Damian not to break anything right before she started snapping off giraffe legs...(our tree is critter themed)
did the whole bottom half! glad I didn't do it while she slept! ;o* very, um, generously porportioned santa, kids are sliding off his "lap"

are we done yet?
Fam xmas picture-with a timer-couldn't find a "photographer" in time! my babies!
first picture-still having fun! in christmas regalia, for a neighborhood party... of course most other were wearing jeans...;o)