Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Easter!

Ice cream while waiting for the easter bunny toget off his break...p.s. bright blue ice ceram does strange things when coming, um, out...freaked me out. Playing in the tulips at the mall

Got mine!

Can't I pick more? You need one and dad needs one and D needs one.....

Easter egg pancakes!


For the brief 3 seconds that he held his basket before flinging it away and sobbing until Daddy picked him up....

Easter buddies playing under the parachute

Friday, April 22, 2011

April playtime

"Mom get the camera and take pictures of me"-our super model! After ballet class with best friend Zoie!

Apparently this served as a "runway"..literally for about an hour...

It was not disclosed to me how often I would have to mop the kitchen floor.
Yes another random snowstorm with perfect snowman snow!

Fluorescent green sand seemed like a cool idea....until you see the green piles spread throughout our yard and home now... Blowing and catching bubbles!

Claire and her ladybug friend "Bumblebee"

Finally a Damian and Mattie playing outside!

Green eggs and ham sounded really fun too...but you want me to EAT them????

Damian is now 18 mos! Just shy of 26 lbs still riding nicely in the 50% for height and weight. Getting more and more fun every day! And Claire is an ancient 3.2 yrs and knows it all! She is loving starting all the activities 3 year olds can do, especially her "ballet" class. Wish you all could have seen Daddy showing her the 5 positions. ;o)

Monday, April 4, 2011

colorado springs adventure!

What? There's a bird somewhere?
Hey whats that??
Grizzly Paws=WOW!

Garden of the Gods
DD and the bison butt..

Claire exploring the gorgeous rock formations Climbing around the cave dwellings-700+ years old and they really let you get around in them.

Apparently the tower room needed some additional rocks on the floor-DD happily obliged

Feeling the water from the springs in Manitou Springs
Super fun! We played on the riding machines for a long time

Petting a milk snake at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Sweetheart, maybe the birds won't land right on you because you scream and wave your arms every time they touch you...lets try a stick. Feeding the giraffes! YUM!

Claire especially liked feeding the babies!

Friday, April 1, 2011

around the house

climbing around-if she can do it so can I!
Cutie pie with his pinecone
Dress up time!