Monday, January 31, 2011

um sorry-"whodat" scarf.....;o)

YEEHAW! and more..

Dad-you do realize there is a llama right behind my head don't you????
New do-looks a little like Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta...but do notice WE HAVE TEETH! ;o) (not that Natalie didn't....)

Ride em cowgirl! On Dolly the pony-first ride!

Mom dropped the ice cream cone full of food...I felt very very sad...
Driving a tractor-get out of the way!
Soooo sleeeepppyyyyy
Here is a princess if I ever saw one! With her "whatdat" scarf!
Catch me catch me catch me!! before I slam the gate in your face....

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Colorado Train Musuem

Very cool old train engine-Claire could ring the bell!
Big ole locomotive circa 1890 9I think Damian checking out one of the oldest travel cars for men working on building the railroad

Driving the train with DADDY! through the window of an ole train car
love all the reflections in this one, channelling my inner Silvia!
Huge toy train exhibit
Rare family pic! Thanks strange lady!
Showing off new hat and scarf!

Monday, January 17, 2011

a little snow

Not really sure how he's feeling about the whole snow thing right now..
Mommy working hard! Claire got the only snow time laugh out of DD when she started pulling him around ;o)
Huh. What is all this???
Hard at work with her new Claire sized snow shovel!

we finally got a first real snow storm of the year, and realized its pretty much Damians first! Last year he was just a few months old so we kept him in, this year has been pretty mild until now. I don't think he made a sound or facial expression the whole time outside, wish I had a picture of his face as I started piling on the layers then dumped him in the snow! ;o)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

NO part deux

PLaying football with her cousins and uncle Danny-this was a BLAST!
The gorgeous DeLaup side cousins! Hanging with Aunt Renee and meeting Auntie Sam
Kiddos enjoying all the beautiful DeLaup women! Gotta love that both my kids have their fingers up their noses for soem reason...
Claire on one of the oldest merri-go-rounds in the country, City Park, New Orleans
Claire and Erica snuggling to stay warm-it was freezing!! On the train at Celebration of the Oaks Aunt DooDoo and Damian hit it off right away!
Dad and Damian enjoying the xmas day party. and Maggie too! Damian really appreciated how Maggie opened all his gifts for him-she is a pup of many talents!
Hi Uncle Mike-what did you get?? They loved Maw Maws christmas tree!
Our christmas angels!

After some serious reindeer food making it was time to spread it around the yard for them. Damian and Erica first meet! So he's a bit tired at this point...
Definately the best part of the trip was seeing family! Barely off the plane Claire begin calling for Maw Maw and Pop! This is probably one of the best pics from the whole trip! Love you guys!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

NO (new orleans for u other folk) christmas Part Un

Damians first meeting with Aunt Renee! Still mucking for the camera though...(he gets that from her! ;o*)
Claires first mardi gras mask! Great day with Aunt Renee, mom and dad while Damian hung with his grandparents. Claire went along the mississippi river and got a small taste of the Quarter.

Beignets! That was Claires only bite..."too messy!" it was after an unfortunate visit to the bathroom there, she was a little grossed out...if you've been to NO you are familiar with the public restrooms in the quarter...ugh.

We went to the Aquarium of the Americas-mom was especially excited to see how its recovered, it was pretty devasted after the hurricane. Claire loved it! "lets go to the show!" was her mantra...
Claire and daddy pretending to be fishes

Darren and Aunt Renee goofing off...

the white alligator!
And Aunt Renee wore her christmas hat the entire trip I think! ;o) in the tube with manta rays swimming overhead Meeting their big cousin Brent! He did a great job entertaining them when we couldn't get into the christmas celebration in the oaks and had to drive all the way home...thanks Brent!

Daddy and Damian ringing up Claires purchases at the kids grocery store in the Childrens Museum-such a great place for the kids!

Claire went to town on her purchases!

of course our little lady couldn't go THROUGH the maze, she had to climb right over! I don't think she went through one of the designed holes...;o)

Damian loved exploring too! No walking though yet! But climbing is high on his list..

ridiculously too many adorable moments for one post, figure I'll spread it out a bit (250+ pictuyres to decide between!)! Great trip, it was so much fun seeing all the DeLaups and related surnames! Claire and Damian did amazingly well meeting many relatives, and being showered with attention ( tough lives poor kids!) ;o)