Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hot times at the zoo and cooling off at home!

Cool as always-still loving her sun glasses! Chilling in the shade with grandma!
Monkeys are Claires "favorite choice!"
All grins and flirting with young mom next to us!
I sat on a zebra!!!
Groovin on his ocelot! DD loved the merry go round! Drums always one of the highlights!
"I'm going to be a musician!"
Splash mat fun

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

End of summer adventures

the princess or the boss? both we think.... New Do-need a better shot..
loving mommys lipstick!argh watching the bees ready to FLOAT!
picking the perfect toy is serous business! Brrr...95 degrees out!
get her!
Another mish mash of the adorable twosome. From Claires first ice cream from the ice cream truck to Damians new froggy towel, walking like "a kitty cat!", carefully going through the baby toy box, winter coat in August, finding mommys lipstick, Damians new "vegas" hair do, and "can't be too careful" in the swimming pool every day is a new adventure! GEEZ we're tired! ;o)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Block party and picnic at Echo Lake!

Neighborhood block party was a blast-Claire rocked the firemans hose again! Damian loved people watching, although he felt the party interfered with his nap time. He is getting more and more mobile, rolling all over the place and loving to stand and hold onto things.
He's getting as active as Claire-EEK! At least he still naps like a rock star... Then we beat the heat a bit with a picnic up at Echo Lake-even rain didn'' dampen our happy kiddos good time!