Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anne and Silvias visit-Silvia AMAZING pics!

Showing the aunties how to shovel snow Of course, walking with Grandpa!
Snow angels!
Can I get this whole cupcake in my mouth at once??? Betcha I can!
Cool guy again..or someone may be blocking the tv...
Party time activities
Dress up with friends
dress up

Such a great visit-and we ha

Sunday, February 20, 2011

WALKING and dancing!!! 16 1/2 mos ;o)

we've gotten 2-3 steps here and there for about the past 2 weeks, then this evening with all of us there cheering him on he kept going and going! yeah big guy!

Friday, February 18, 2011

THREE!!!! OMG....

Grandma and Claire decorating a million cupcakes for the BIG PARTY! Damian had to get involved, without bugging his sister...a toothbrush works wonders..wonder how long that'll last?
First visit with Aunt Anne since Claire was 10 mos old! It was a very special treat to have aunties Anne and Silvia there!0

Craft time at the pary-Claire told me exactly what she wanted. Projects, balloons, cupcakes, mac and cheese and THESE friends....all was provided!

Playing with good buddy Zoie
Cutefest at lunchtime..
Grandpa helping with the beloved CUPCAKES!

Damian wisely slept through the entire party, with a brief appearance at the end after most kids had left...sort of like he did at his birthday...he takes after Art the Party Animal we think! ;o* Playing with grandma and silvia!
P Proud mom and eye rolling three year old...

One of the top presents-a belle dress! Our little princess has worn it pretty much every day since. OKAY-didn't you promise a football game and some beer?
After a long day..Grandpa survived!