Thursday, August 25, 2011

Zoomily & the dancing, princess fairies...

Tippy toes three year olds

Ready to dance!

Whoa...face to face with Rapunzel... Right before she tried to hug the alligator..EEK


The sun just seemed to follow them.. the dancing princesses

Ella clearly needed shiny lips, Claire did a pretty good job!

Lotsa of princess fun at the zoo event, Claire and her buds Zoie and Ella especially loved meeting Tinkerbell and Belle and went on a LOUD but fruitless search for Ariel. The mommies enjoyed following our little nymphs around though! Claire took dance for a second time and loved it, but thinks she wants to try something new next. So much adventure!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

First time at the beach!

They both jumped right in-wait Grandma!!

Sand or water? Which is more fun?

Super swimmer? or shallow water.....? 'o)

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our arts and museum week

Crazy sock day at school, and she picked out cookie monster socks for Damian to wear. Made her own hat for crazy hat day!

Checking out an allosaur footprint with best friend #1 Zoey!

Damiain, ZOey and Zack were really into the skulls, Claire was sulking because that was NOT what she wanted to do..poor little ms boss ;o)

Damian launching us into outer space!

The red Mars sand and water table-Claires favorite thing

Hey Check Out this Bacteria! Or something like that....

Petrified tree-Claire liked this too.

Now watch, see we can easily get closer....

So we can't believe Daddy has to start work again, its been so much fun having lots of daddy time this summer! But the new schedule should still keep him around more often-yippee! Damian started day care last week, and while mom freaked out and worried Damian had a GREAT time and loves yoga, the playground, dancing and everything else (except maybe being dropped off and napping on a mat). Daddy had to drag him out in the afternoons so that made us very happy-he again is such a great easy kiddo! Claire was excited to see all her friends again and now is up to 4 best friends i think??? Such a lovey lady-no surprise to us how popular she is already!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kid spree et all...

OK, now haze the coyote honey....I know it looks fun but go for it! Cool coyote hazing booth put together by my good friend and peer in Aurora

Big smile from the silly man! Clearly he was not into the horse ride and will probably hold it against me that I made him stay on long enough for me to get a picture of his first ride....poor baby!

Claire on the other hand had a great time on Wesley! She offered to take him home...

There's my sweet lady..

The thing that blew over with a handful of kids under the age of 5 on it...very scary and we are SO THANKFUL no one got seriously hurt... Lots of fun with neighborhood friends though at the block party!

Mommy needs some help with her make up...thanks little man!

Yummy! Damian wasn't really sure why we wanted him to put his face in the hole but he went with it... Claire doing her own face painting-beautiful honey! You should have seen what she did to Mom...

Daddy and Damian about to start an art project. Sorry about the delay Aunt Anne...;o*
We are still having so much fun this summer in the last weeks before Daddy goes back to school! Damian has started day care this week and is doing AMAZING-he is the youngest in his class and they said today he is following along and participating better than the older kids! You gotta be quick to keep up with big sister Claire! Claire still just astounds us every day-so smart and funny and loving and beyond her years...I hope to someday have the vocabulary she does!