Saturday, September 25, 2010


Claire's definately a little girl now=where did our baby go? Her conversations are hysterical! "mommy you scared me very hard-don't do that!"
"I'm going to sing, you stay quiet!"
"my leg is itchy too"
" You're ok little man, look Damians happy now!"

Damian is SO CLOSE to walking-he's cruising all over the furniture now, until big sis knocks him down-argh! We're also starting to hear more "words" hi! mamamama! byebye, grandpa thougth he heard hat today..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

End of summer

First ferris wheel ride! Not too sure about it, especially when it stopped with her on top-LET ME OUT!! Walking as much as he can! Its hysterical when he stiffens his legs so you can't sit him down-WE WILL WALK NOW!
Playing a show for maw maw and pop
Claire and I saved a toad that fell in our window well-("Poor little fella-we have to save him!" Claire)
I belive Claire is channelling Picasso in her animal creations...
Whats this?
Swinging together!
Why won't this flower come off?
Pretty as a picture

Right now we're having beautiful weather and spending every minute outside that we can! Claire is busy making friends every time we hit the playground, pool, whatever, and Damian is getting more and more mobile. He's really cruising along the furniture now and getting better at his "roll, wiggle, crawl" move..We hit taste of colorado festival, where Claire and Damian both enjoyed checking everything out-And Damian loves BBQ (ate half of Daddy's sandwich!)