Tuesday, August 28, 2012

End of summer

ready for the big kids school!  Claire is loving preschool and feels so grown up!

our beauty and her kitten

the prairie dogs around here are looking a bit odd...

tee pees at the Plains Conservation Center

inside a teepee

the old schoolhouse was a huge hit-the kiddos loved playing school!  "CLASS PAY ATTENTION!"

Damian and best bud Zack checked out many many many prairie dog holes..
we had to talk about every tool in the old smithy-Damian is such a BOY! ;o)
Claire working hard in the school room

Saturday, August 11, 2012

summer days!

lotsa of playing with new kitten Jasper

dress up time!
Claire helped me rescue a grackel that flew into our house. She's great under pressure and loves helping birds!

Damian with daddys goodwill find-fun!
great visit with maw maw and pop-wish they lived closer!
Claire loves working her grandfathers....

mine tour-awesome!!
releasing mourning doves from the rehab center with my amazing helpers!
 king of the mountain at Rocky Mountain National Park

rock scrambling was a favorite activity

creek walking too!!  remember when we just wore our tennies?