Monday, June 18, 2012

Kid time

Fun times at a local kids day, a mini petting zoo was fun and the water fountain was  a HUGE hit (until Damian got a little cold, but he dried out just fine!  Not sure if Claires dress will ever be the same..:o))  Then here is our daddys day present!  A new kitten-Jasper!  We wanted a pet that would grow up with the kids (and dad not ready for a dog yet.)  He is GREAT with the kiddos, very sweet, playful and gentle.  The other cats still a little po'd though...

Fun times at

Monday, June 11, 2012

CO Railroad Museum with Grandpa!

We had some much fun with a semi surprize visit from Grandpa!  Damian loved the giant train set and minatures and Claire wanted to "drive" every train.  Grandpa also hit the museum and our favorite neighborhood nature center for the preschool program with us!  And he and Claire played at the local pool for hours.  Thanks for coming Grandpa!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hows the weather??

Claire found a prairie dog skull

Things so much fun out here-the weather has been absolutely perfect, 70's ish all around so we are spending lots of time outside.  Claire got her first 2 wheel bike and Damian is loving riding with her so we do lots of bike time.  Once a week at least we go hiking and to a preschool program at a local nature center, Claire loves the vocab...ask her what a lepidoptera is....Damian enjoys stuffing his pockets full of "treasures", our washing machine is quite full of rocks, sticks flowers et all. ;o)  Darren is home with us FULL TIME starting today!  We are thrilled!!!!!!  We'll keep ya posted!